Whidon Valley Product



Come and try the best Fish & Chips in Devon!

Fish & Chips are one of the Nation’s greatest dishes and we’re proud to put in the hard work and dedication to make each portion as irresistibly tasty as the last, using only the finest of fresh local produce.

Excellence and consistency are our top priorities as we bring quality fish and delicious chips to Devon.

Our Fish

We source all our products locally including our fish, its fresh, tasty and cooked the way you like it. We also make sure that our suppliers guarantee the products are from a sustainable source. We can either deep fry your fish in a light golden batter, steam or griddle it.

Our Chips

We only use the finest locally sourced potatoes to make sure our chips are as fresh and as tasty as possible. We chip them each day, just enough for that particular evening. So you can rest assured that your chips will be of the finest quality, freshly prepared the same day, every day!

Gluten Free

We are able to offer Gluten Free batter and curry sauce. Please ask when you visit us!

Our Oil

Good news for everyone!  We use palm oil to cook our fish & chips in.  So whether you are a vegetarian or not, you can enjoy a healthier option as opposed to having your fish and chips cooked in beef dripping, which is high in saturated fats. We filter our oil every day to ensure the taste of our food is not effected and is of the highest quality.